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Personalized Websites


Does your website play an active role in your relationship to your specific market? Some businesses are okay with a well done online corporate brochure. Most local businesses looking to grow are best served with the addition of “personalizing.”

 With all of the devices that access the Internet, the chance to communicate directly to your community via your website is an opportunity everyone should consider. Short videos provide a friendly, professional human touch and are a highly effective sales tool. The integration of social media in its many forms makes your website ultimately accessible. It is almost “common sense” to take advantage of this fact to build up your business via “show and tell” methods driven directly from your website.  

Retail boutique operations can present their products with easily accessed detailed information that can tilt the scale for your potential customer to come to you rather than the big box stores. Present the reasons why the personal service you offer as a unique local store makes shopping at your shop so much better.

If you are a professional operation, you can present professional résumés, case studies and testimonials from pleased clients online, to save time and money for you and your potential clients.

Make your website powerful with the integrated tools of social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter will reach far for every dime spent to present you as a modern team of professionals who are ready to provide the finest in products and services.

 We will assist you in the short term strategy of standing up an attractive reasonably priced website that reflects your personality and standing in the community. An affordable long term strategy can establish you within your community to insure a loyal customer base and steady growth.


Wendy Kinney June 2017

Wendy Kenny did a powerful video on how to determine who you are. It can be used for websites and who your company is. Check it out.