Search Engine Optimization is key to the success of any website, it is critical to the success of a regional business. The most prominent reason is that the larger a website is, the better position it will receive from search engines.  Your local website is not going to compete with the big boys in the amount of content. What do to?

There are some basic tools in positioning your page that can be strategized and then included in the architecture of your website (including content strategies) so that your web page will come up early on when an inquiry to the Internet seeks someone with your particular expertise. We have successfully managed to have regional businesses appear on page 1-2 of the searches pertinent to their business. This is money well spent if you intend for your website to be used to “find” your business on the Internet.

Not every operation necessarily needs to be “found” on the Internet. The great majority of businesses use the Internet to validate their business for referrals rather than the daunting task of competing with other online businesses to be “found”. Nevertheless, SEO must not be ignored. Good search architecture embedded into your web page will bring your customers/clients quickly to your location.

Search Engine Optimization by nature is best designed once the role of your website in your marketing strategy and budgets have been determined. There are basic SEO operations that every successful website should deploy.  A well designed personalized website will produce referrals from those who have visited the site and determined that your operation was not a fit for them, but might be just the ticket for a friend or family member.

Personalized websites produce quick results for inquiries that are the result of referrals.