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The world of blogging is so pervasive across the world that literally tens of thousands of “blogs” are added to the Internet daily. In order to understand the Datawave approach to blogs, we need to be familiar with a short summary of the historic evolution of the word.  Originally “weblog”, the word, “blog” is a truncation coined in the late 90’s. Today, blogs are communication websites that usually fit into one of two categories, communication or advertising/branding tools, intended to allow targeted content to be directed to an enrolled “membership”.  Blogs are websites that contain the tools to allow users to “post” and “respond/comment” information similar to the major social media such as Facebook or Instagram.  Twitter is a limited general environment blogging tool.

Having established this very brief version of what a “blog” is, let’s talk about how Datawave adds this facility to your website to provide you the ultimate in personalization”. With your own blog, you have targeted instant communication with your prospect and customer/client databases. Including a blog in your website is a significant leap towards building your own user culture on the Internet for your business organization, whether you are a firm of professional services, a non-profit or a wholesale/retail operation. Think about it as the combination of having your own on-line newspaper and social media “managed communication” tool wrapped into one central resource. 

Datawave’s approach is to provide you with your own on-line “newsletter” to start. You may opt to allow people to respond to articles you publish or wait until your user base has grown to the point where evolving to “posting” while providing the ability to respond with comments is appropriate.  

Evolving to a fully functional posting blogging operation requires the budget for regular maintenance. Datawave provides the resources to maintain the level of blogging suitable to your user community. We are able to provide authors of worthwhile knowledgeable content for any industry. 

There is no stronger element that can be added to a website, than its own blog.  This is the ultimate in a personalized website. 

Ask us to discuss what size and level of functionality is right for you to begin an effective blog.  We are at your service.