About Us

About Us


Datawave International Solutions 

Doug Wheeler, our lead visionary, is the head of the Datawave Internet Solutions marketing team.  Doug has many years of sales and marketing experience in communications and the Internet.  

As Doug began to enjoy the experience of designing Web sites and writing blogs, he contemplated the exploding Internet market and deliberated how he could lead his teams to distinguish themselves. Most important, he knows from his long practical experience, that a pretty web site, alone, is not going to draw in new business

It is the goal of Doug’s team to provide that distinction of context and content that paints the successful picture of what it’s like to be your customer.


The Marketing Blog 

Doug transforms his almost magical abilities to “close” into a non-verbal format that delivers his positive vision for our clients. Doug stays on the cutting edge of new Internet technologies to lead our teams to “personalize” your vision to promote your success as a local or regional business, whether you are a family lawyer, auto workshop or an enterprising real estate broker.

 And, you don’t have to mortgage your house. Your newsletter, blog and web site can grow with your business and within your budget.

 If you are seeking the personal attention of a team of experienced marketing engineers, led by a successful sales guru, you have come to the right place. We present your business vision in the strongest manner to motivate prospective customer/clients to contact you. Your customers can be interactive with you via social media as a continuing and loyal base.  The era of the marketing blog has arrived!


The SAG Team

 Sales Automation Group has partnered with Datawave in many successful marketing projects including the use of Social Media integrated with websites for the ultimate personalization of a business page. With experienced writers and graphic designers spread across the country, we are able to “zone in” on the regional cultural language that will speak to your customer base.

The most important aspect of any business website is a high level of “rememberability” to the visitor.  That can come from the words in a “turn of phrase”, or a particularly pertinent picture, or the solid concept of your own customer understanding and caring. The SAG Team is tuned in to the interests of regional and generational cultures and builds an Internet demonstration that presents why your prospective customers should want to use your services and/or products.